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          Product Center

          As the explosion-proof motor research and production base in China, the national mechanical and electrical products export base, the national innovative enterprise, the national high-tech enterprise, and the chairman of the explosion-proof motor branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Unit. It mainly produces high and low voltage explosion-proof motors, ordinary motors, generators, blowers, drive control products. The products are mainly used in petroleum, coal, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, military, nuclear power, port and other fields. The comprehensive index of product market share and economic benefits is among the best in the same industry in China.

          Low voltage asynchronous motor
          Low voltage synchronous perman
          High-voltage asynchronous motor
          High voltage synchronous motor
          Special motor for coal mine
          Special motor for nuclear power
          Special application motor
          Drive control
          Industry Solutions
          Petrochemical Industry Solutions 、
          Coal Industry Solutions 、
          Metallurgical Industry Solutions 、
          Power Industry Solutions 、
          nuclear power and shipbuilding Industry Solutions 、
          Service Industry Solutions

          Market-oriented, build a customer-centered "big service, big collaboration" system, to build a service-oriented product group.


          Build a global service team, implement a full range of "great collaboration", full life cycle service, improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, to create a benign market service ecosystem.

          Carry out standardized services,Build "global motor service No.1".

          After-sales service introduction
          Guided by the market, we will build a customer-centric "big service, big synergy" system and create a service-oriented product group.
          Common troubleshooting
          Fast, professional and reliable, we provide you with services throughout the product life cycle.
          Media center

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